SMT30 is the annual conference on Surface Modification Technologies.

The 30th International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies (SMT30) is aimed at fostering research on surface engineering, promoting related international cooperation among scientists and engineers and providing means for the public dissemination of the results from these efforts.

SMT30 is intended to cover progress on all aspects of surface modification techniques, from both the macroscopic and microscopic viewpoints. The conference interest includes both industrial materials, e.g., metals, alloys, polymers, ceramics, composites, and advanced materials and processes under development or used in particular applications.

The conference brings together users, producers and researchers, both engineers and scientists who have a common interest in various aspects of materials behavior. The objective is to facilitate and encourage the exchange of knowledge and 
experience among different communities involved in using, improving, developing, assessing and conducting basic and applied.


  • Additive manufacturing surfaces
  • Biomedical coatings and surfaces
  • Characterization of engineered surfaces
  • Cold and thermal spray
  • Conversion coatings
  • Electric and photovoltaic coatings Magnetic coatings
  • Electro-and electro less plating
  • Functional coatings
  • Hard chromium alternatives
  • High-temperature corrosion protection
  • Hydro-/ice- and oleo phobic/philic
  • Laser and PTA cladding
  • Laser beam surface modification
  • Modelling and simulation of coating microstructures 
  • Multifunctional coatings surfaces
  • Shot peening and mechanical treatments
  • Novel surface modification techniques
  • Optical coatings
  • Residual stresses
  • Sol-gel surface coatings
  • Severe plastic deformation processes
  • Thermochemical surface engineering
  • Thin film by PVD, CVD, and ALD
  • Tribological coatings
  • Wear and corrosion protection

Special sessions and symposia

The following special sessions are announced:

  1. Residual Stresses in Surface Layers (based on FP7 ISTRESS European Project) (Chair: M. Sebastiani)
  2. Surface Modification for Tribological Applications (Chairs : M. Staia, G. Bolelli, L. Lusvarghi) - This session is intended to cover all aspects of surface engineering processes, such as thin film and metallurgical coatings deposition, as well as surface modifications treatments applied to bulk materials, able to improve their tribological performance (friction and wear). Contributions are invited on any aspect presenting the relationships between mechanical and structural properties of the engineered surfaces with their tribological response. Special interest will also be given to papers which address the tribological behavior of materials in different harsh environments, such as corrosive, high temperature, high contact pressure, etc. with applications in different industries such as aerospace, biomedical, cutting tools, ground transportation, etc..  
  3. Laser based applications for surface engineering (Chairs: B. Previtali, A. Astarita, P. Carlone)
  4. Shot peening and related surface mechanical treatments (Chair: A. Zammit)
  5. Laser Shock Processing (Chairs: J. Ocana, R. Jagdheesh )
  6. Titanium Anodizing (Chair: M.V. Diamanti)
  7. Cold Spray coating (Chair: H. Koivoluoto)
  8. Thermal spraying processes (Chair: P. Vuoristo)
  9. Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) (Chairmen: Prof. U. Malayoglu and Prof. S. Shrestha)

People wishing to organize special sessions on defined subjects as well as symposia centred on research projects are invited to contact

Keep the dates

15 February 2016

Deadline for registration and abstract

10th February 2016

Notification of acceptance

31th March 2016

Submission of paper

22th April 2016

Notification of paper acceptance


June 29th – July 1st,2016

Conference SMT30



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BEFORE May 1 2016

600 Regular participant

includes conference proceedings, book of abstracts, participation on oral and poster sessions, welcome drink, lunches, coffee breaks, technical/cultural visit and conference dinner.

400 Student

includes conference proceedings, book of abstracts, participation on oral and poster sessions, welcome drink, lunches, coffee breaks, technical/cultural visit.

230 Accompanying person

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AFTER May 1 2016

700 Regular participant

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230 Accompanying person

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Conference Payment
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    The Venue

    SMT30 will be hosted at Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI), Campus Bovisa. POLIMI is ranked as one of the foremost technical universities in Europe and is the largest technical university in Italy. The Campus is well served by public buses, suburban trains and metro lines.

  • Via Montenapoleone

    The Venue

    Milan is the second largest Italian town, the main industrial, commercial and financial centre of the country, recognized as a major world fashion and design capital.

  • Naviglio

    The Venue

    Milan is characterized by its dynamism, creativity and innovation. It’s a city that creates its own trends: art galleries in bars, concerts in libraries, aperitifs and happy-hours along the channel Naviglio.

  • Duomo - Scala

    The Venue

    Milano is also full of historical and cultural monuments and sites: the Cathedral (Duomo), a masterpiece of Gothic Architecture, the Castle, the Opera House “Alla Scala”, the famous mural painting Last Supper of Jesus Christ by Leonardo Da Vinci are examples of what Milan offers to visitors.

  • Milan - Rome - Florence

    The Venue

    From Milan is also easy to reach other very fascinating places, rich of culture and art masterpieces: Lake Como, with its botanic gardens and historical villas, and the Alps are less than one hour far. Florence is 1h30’ hours far by using the high-speed trains (Rome is 2h50’ distant) and the wonderful sea area called “5 Terre” can be visited in a one day trip.

  • Malpensa

    The Venue

    Milan is one of the most accessible cities in Europe: with 3 international airports (Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio) provides direct connections with all the most important European Airports and the many cities in North and South America as well as  in Asia and is well served by public transport systems, both urban, suburban and regional.

How to get there

Milan is conveniently located in the heart of Europe and can be easily reached from all over the globe.

By air: Malpensa is the main airport and serves intercontinental and domestic flights. European and domestic flights also land at Linate airport (just outside the city). In addition, Bergamo airport is a major hub for low-cost airlines. From Malpensa a direct train goes to Cadorna Station and Central Station, in the center of the city. You can get the center of the city also by bus. From Linate the urban bus n. 73 goes to the center of the citiy (Piazza San Babila). Bergamo (Orio al Serio airport) is connected to the Central Station, Milan, by bus.

By train: Milan is a major railway hub. The main Italian cities are just a few hours away by high-speed train. Direct connections to France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria are also available.

By car: A dense network of motorways connects Milan to other Italian cities and to the rest of Europe. The conference venue is the Bovisa campus of Politecnico di Milano, just a few minutes away from the city center and directly connected to Malpensa airport by train.


How to get Bovisa Campus

Trenord: regional train from Cadorna Station ( on green and red metro line ): Bovisa Station ( second stop )
TRENORD WEBSITE for more information and time schedule

Public Transport: Milan Public Transportation ATM
Bus 92 - Bovisasca St.Bovisa FNM
Tram 2 – Piazza Bausan Stop
ATM WEBSITE for more information and time schedule

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A number of hotels of various categories at negotiated rates are available for participants of  SMT30. 
All hotels are located within a reasonable distance from Politecnico di Milano.

If you would like to make a reservation please contact the hotels  and write the code “Polimi-SMT30as soon as possible.



Radisson Blu 

Via Villapizzone, 24
20156 Milano 

  • Single Room € 110, 00
  • Double single use room € 110,00
  • Double room € 110,00



Palazzo delle Stelline 

Corso Magenta, 61
20123 Milano

  • Single Room € 95, 00
  • Double single use room € 125,00
  • Double room € 135,00




Piazzale Lugano,10
20158 Milano

  • Single Room € 80, 00
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  • Double room € 90,00









King Mokinba Hotels

Corso Magenta, 19
20123 Milano

  • Single Room € 100, 00
  • Double single use room € 130,00
  • Double room € 160,00




Preliminary Conference Program

TimeSession Session SessionsSessions
8:00-9.00 Registration
9.00-9.40 PLENARY LECTURE: Prof. S.A. Meguid
9.40-11.00 1A1) Laser based processes 1
  • 1) 319 - keynote
  • 2) 97
  • 3) 168
  • 4) 132
1B1) Surface modification
  • 1) 179 - keynote
  • 2) 146
  • 3) 175
  • 4) 307
1C1) Shot peening 1
  • 1) 156 - keynote
  • 2) 74
  • 3) 60
  • 4) 101
1D1) Mechanical properties 1
  • 1) 335 - keynote
  • 2) 157
  • 3) 86
  • 4) 308
11:00-11.20 coffe break
11.20-13.00 1A2) Laser based processes 2
  • 5) 295
  • 6) 336
  • 7) 208
  • 8) 149
  • 9) 143
1B2) Surface modification
  • 1) 252
  • 2) 266
  • 3) 277
  • 8) 279
  • 9) 148
1C2) Shot peening 2
  • 5) 147 - keynote
  • 6) 163
  • 7) 318
  • 8) 155
  • 9) 342
1D2) Mechanical properties 2
  • 5) 227 - keynote
  • 6) 199
  • 7) 151
  • 8) 162
  • 9) 144
13:00-14.20 lunch
14.20-15.00 PLENARY LECTURE: Prof. K. Lu
15.00-16.00 1A3) Severe plastic deformation
  • 1) 20 - keynote
  • 2) 161
  • 3) 340
1B3) Thermal spraying
  • 1) 95 - keynote
  • 2) 264
  • 3) 284
1C3) Shot peening 3
  • 10) 229 - keynote
  • 11) 182
  • 12) 177
1D3) Coatings 1
  • 1) 216
  • 2) 331
  • 3) 194
16:00-16.20 coffe break
16.20-18.00 1A4) Laser based processes 3
  • 1) 84 - keynote
  • 2) 309
  • 3) 312
  • 4) 322
1B4) Surface wettability
  • 1) 302 - keynote
  • 2) 343
  • 3) 202
  • 4) 120
1C4) Shot peening 4
  • 13) 191
  • 14) 234
  • 15) 327
1D4) Coatings 2
  • 4) 76
  • 6) 293
  • 7) 323
18:00-19.00 WELCOME PARTY
TimeSession Session SessionsSessions
8:00-9.00 Registration
9.00-9.40 PLENARY LECTURE: Prof. J.T.M. De Hosson
9.40-11.00 2A1) Residual stresses 1
  • 1) 154
  • 2) 145
  • 3) 213
  • 4) 88
2B1) Ti surface treatments
  • 1) 281
  • 2) 119
  • 3) 121
  • 4) 102
2C1) Cold Spray 1
  • 1) 66 - keynote
  • 2) 150
  • 3) 91
  • 4) 207
11:00-11.20 coffe break
11.20-13.00 2A2) Residual stresses 2
  • 5) 159
  • 6) 184
  • 7) 165
  • 8) 85
2B2) Coatings funct/conv
  • 1) 100
  • 2) 305
  • 3) 245
  • 4) 243
  • 5) 173
2C2) Cold Spray 2
  • 5) 206 - keynote
  • 6) 249
  • 7) 222
  • 8) 70
  • 9) 108
13:00-14.20 lunch
14.20-16.00 2A3) Corrosion
  • 1) 310 - keynote
  • 2) 286
  • 3) 200
  • 4) 98
  • 5) 268
  • 6) 99
2B3) Applications
  • 1) 193
  • 2) 257
  • 3) 205
  • 4) 153
  • 5) 67
2C3) Cold Spray 3
  • 9) 110
  • 10) 57
  • 11) 267
  • 12) 123
  • 13) 321
  • 14) 350
2D3) Coatings 3
  • 1) 306
  • 2) 139
  • 3) 303
  • 4) 69
  • 5) 178
  • 6) 83
16:00-16.20 coffe break
  • 107
  • 297
  • 64
  • 276
  • 172
  • 113
  • 59
  • 259
  • 89
  • 314
  • 219
  • 203
  • 61
  • 215
  • 226
  • 166
  • 236
  • 75
  • 223
  • 189
  • 176
  • 317
  • 141
  • 232
  • 201
  • 332
  • 118
  • 186
  • 233
  • 289
  • 333
  • 261
  • 82
  • 183
  • 205
  • 345
  • 288
  • 117
  • 78
  • 198
  • 341
  • 287
19:00-22.00 SOCIAL DINNER
TimeSession Session Sessions
8:00-9.00 Registration
9.00-9.40 PLENARY LECTURE: Prof. P. Schmuki
9.40-11.00 3A1) Ti Anodizing
  • 1) 301 - keynote
  • 2) 169
  • 3) 265
  • 4) 299
3B1) Engineering Surfaces 1
  • 1) 62 - keynote
  • 2) 122
  • 3) 164
  • 4) 196
3C1) Electroless plating 1
  • 1) 55
  • 2) 71
  • 3) 171
  • 4) 239
11:00-11.20 coffe break
11.20-13.00 3A2) PEO
  • 5) 170
  • 6) 304
  • 7) 56
  • 8) 235
  • 9) 300
3B2) Engineering Surfaces 2
  • 5) 211
  • 6) 325
  • 7) 326
  • 8) 248
  • 9) 174
3C2) Electroless plating 2
  • 5) 240
  • 6) 135
  • 7) 136
13:00-14.20 lunch
14.20-16.00 3A3) Sol-gel
  • 1) 220
  • 2) 209
  • 3) 270
  • 4) 103
  • 5) 92
  • 6) 282
3B3) Special processes
  • 10) 324
  • 11) 63
  • 12) 167
  • 13) 73
  • 14) 94
  • 15) 96
3C3) Novel Surfaces
  • 1) 77
  • 2) 79
  • 3) 244
  • 4) 190
  • 5) 152
  • 6) 247

Program for accompanying people

The preliminary program for accompanying people includes:

  • Day 1: Guided visit the the city center: the Cathedral, the Opera House "Alla Scala", the pedestrian Gallery "King Vittorio Emanuele II" and the monuments in this area.
  • Day 2: Guided visit to the new skyscrapers area Porta Nuova and the promenade.
  • Day 3: Guided visit to the Church Santa Maria delle Grazie with the wall painting "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Accompanying people program will take place with at least 10 registered people.
In the case the program is annulled the complete registration fee will be reimbursed.

Papers Submitted Index

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Abstract and Papers

The Scientific Committee will evaluate the acceptance of abstracts and papers and will decide whether the paper will be presented as oral or poster, also considering the preference of the authors. Full papers will be published on the conference proceedings and published on-line in this conference website.

To facilitate the dissemination of the papers, the proceeding will be open-access upon agreement of the authors. Selected papers (up to 100) will be recommended for publication in special issues of the journals Surface Engineering and Materials and Manufacturing Processes.


Multimedia projectors and notebooks will be provided in the lecture hall. The presentation should be prepared in MS Power Point or PDF.


Authors are kindly asked not to exceed the size 700 mm (width) x 1000 mm (height).


Start Here


Abstracts (max 200 words) will be uploaded directly on the website. Instruction on how to prepare paper with templates will be on this web site.

Papers Submitted

83M .Baccouche; R.Wilbraham; N.Scott; F.Martin; A.Pinkerton in vitro Corrosion, Electrochemical and Ageing Study of Metallic Implants Biomedical coatings and surfaces
344I. Černý; I. Fürbacher; D. Mikulová; J. Sís; N. Ganev; K. KolaříkPotential increase of gear service life using laser hardening technologyLaser beam surface modification
244Rubino F., Pisaturo M., Carlone P., Senatore A., Sudarshan T.S.Tribological analysis of SiC and B4C manufactured by Plasma Pressure CompactiCharacterization of engineered surfaces
67S.Pathak, N.k. Jain, I.A. PalaniStudy on Surface Imperfections of Gears: Sources, Effects and Techniques for Concerned ImprovementsNovel surface modification techniques
245A. Astarita; S. Genna; C. Leone; M. Liberini; A. SquillaceInfluence of laser treatment on the interface properties of coatings obtained by cold gas dynamic depositionLaser beam surface modification
343Ling Li; Sidi Fan; Cuicui Zhuang; Jia Feng; Chuncheng Ban and Xiaowei Liu Controllable wettability of boron nitride nanotube films with bionic effectCharacterization of engineered surfaces
261J.V.deS.Araújo; F.M.Queiroz; M.Terada; A.Astarita; I.CostaEIS study of the microstructure influence on the corrosion behaviour of AA 2198-T3 compared to AA 2198-T851 alloyOther
205C. Zhang, S.D. Zhao, D.W. Zhang, C.C. ZhuResearch of radial forging technology for planetary roller screw of high surface hardnessSevere plastic deformation processes
233Federico Simone Gobber, Ildiko Peter, Mario Rosso Characterization of cold sprayed Stellite coating for mould protection in aluminum die casting Cold and thermal spray
325D.J.Borah; P.K.Patowari, A.A.LikhiteMachinability Study of Austempered Ductile Iron using Wire Electrical Discharge MachiningCharacterization of engineered surfaces
331L. AISSANI, M. FELLAH, C. NOUVEAU, H. DJEBAILI.Annealing treatment and nitrogen pressure effects on the formation of chromium nitrides, carbides and carbonitrides coatings Cold and thermal spray
249A.astarita, p.carlone, m.liberini, f.rubino, a.squillaceThermo-mechanical finite element modelling of the laser treatment of cold sprayed coatingsCold and thermal spray
279M. H. Staia 1,2, A. Trocelis1, A. Zairi 2, M. Suarez1 E. S. Puchi-Cabrera 1,3, A. Iost 2, A. Montagne 2Assessment of the mechanical, tribological and corrosion performance of a ZrN PVD coatingTribological coatings
121D. I. Adebiyi , O. S. Fatoba, S. Pityana and A. P. I. PopoolaParameters optimization, microstructure and micro-hardness of Silicon Carbide laser deposited on titanium alloyLaser and PTA cladding
324S.S.Wangikar; P.K.Patowari; R.D.MisraExperimental Analysis of Surface Characteristics in Microchannel Fabricated using Photochemical MachiningCharacterization of engineered surfaces
243G. Baiocco; M. Simoncini; V. Tagliaferri; N. UcciardelloCombined electrodeposition of copper and graphene nano-platelets on alluminium’s alloys substrate for corrosion protectionFunctional coatings
321P. Sirvent1, M. A. Garrido-Maneiro1, C. J. Múnez1, P. Poza1, A. Cazacu2, R. Barnett2, H. Lovelock2EFFECT OF POWDER GEOMETRY ON THE MECHANICAL PERFORMANCE OF COLD SPRAYED TI6Al4V COATINGSCold and thermal spray
302M.V. Diamanti, C.-Y. Lai, M. Cozzolino, MP. Pedeferri, S. Al Hassan, M. ChiesaTime-dependent surface wettability of calcite: a baseline for oil reservoirs investigationsHydro-/ice- and oleo phobic/philic
301M.V. Diamanti, B. Del Curto, M. Ormellese, MP. PedeferriRobust anodic colouring of titanium and durability of oxide filmsFunctional coatings
247T.E. Abioye; P.K. Farayibi; P.K. Oke; A.T. ClareA comparative study of Inconel 625 laser cladding by wire and powder feedstockLaser and PTA cladding
161Miao Cao, Qi Zhang, Yisheng ZhangSurface Modification of Tin Copper Alloy Components by Integrate Rotary Swaging and Isothermal Heat TreatmentSevere plastic deformation processes
211L. Böhme, C. Godard, E. KerscherInfluence of engineered surfaces and microstructure on the fatigue limit of titaniumCharacterization of engineered surfaces
295G. Daurelio; A. Angelastro; S. L. Campanelli; L.A.C. De Filippis; A. Pugliese; A.D. Ludovico Fiber Laser Remelting ad surface hardening of a Nickel based superalloy Laser beam surface modification
276M.Terada; F.M.Queiroz; V.H.Ayusso; A.Astarita; I.CostaMicrostructural investigation of the anodized (TSA) Al-Li alloys sealed in a cerium solutionConversion coatings
270T.Sen; R.Thangavel and G. U. NairStudy of morphological and electrical properties of Zinc doped Nickel oxide thin film prepared by facile sol-gel methodSol-gel surface coatings
340Yisheng Zhang;Qi Zhang; Miao Cao;Ningyu Ben;Xuesong Yang;Hongwei Yang;Yuanyuan YangFEA and Experiment Study on Joining by Rotary Swaging ProcessSevere plastic deformation processes
285J. Lago; M. Guagliano; O. Bokůvka; F. Nový; L. TrškoImprovement of fatigue endurance of welded S355 structural steel by Shot-peeningShot peening and mechanical treatments
153C. LANGLADE, A. ROMAN, D. SCHLEGEL, E. GETE, M. FOLEAFriction stir process of B194 copper-beryllium alloy.Shot peening and mechanical treatments
148M. Benedetti, V. Fontanari , Ch. Girardi, L. GiordaninoAlternative Solutions to the Bronze-Steel Coupling for Worm Gearing: a comparative study of different surface treatments of steelTribological coatings
293D. Lozoya, R. Lima, A. Ledezma, L. Fraceto, R. Gomez, M. Bazaldua, V. OrozcoDevelopment of HA – nAg composite coating from green process for HIP applicationsBiomedical coatings and surfaces
312J. M. López López; J. Coupland, S. MarimuthuDROPLET ASSISTED LASER CLEANING OF CONTAMINATED SURFACESLaser beam surface modification
232Constance Ziemian and Wendelin Wright An experimental study of cold sprayed Fe-based metallic glass powder particlesCold and thermal spray
223A. Małachowska, M. Winnicki, M. Rutkowska-Gorczyca, M. KorzeniowskiPossibility of PC metalization with low pressure cold spray method.Cold and thermal spray
272W. Pakieła; T. Tański; K. Labisz; K. Basa Laser alloying of ENAC-AlMg3 aluminium alloys with vanadium carbideLaser beam surface modification
193M. Winnicki, M. Korzeniowski, M. Rutkowska-Gorczyca, A. Baszczuk, A. Małachowska, A. PietrykaThe influence of interlayer thickness on mechanical properties of aluminium to steel Resistance Spot WeldCold and thermal spray
206E. O. Olakanmi; O. P. Oladijo; B. A. ObadeleThe role of deposition temperature and scanning speed in the functional performance of laser assisted cold sprayed (LACS) coatings.Cold and thermal spray
175V.S. Sergevnin, I.V. Blinkov, A.O. Volkhonskii, D.S. BelovThe effect of Ni on structure and properties of adaptive wear-resistant arc-PVD Ti-Al-Mo-N coatingsFunctional coatings
222E. Aubignat; R. Kromer; S. Costil; C. LangladeManufacturing of copper coatings on aluminum and organic substrates by low-pressure cold sprayCold and thermal spray
164S. Mezghani, E. Perrin, M. Ahmad, A. Khan, J.-L. Bodnar, V. VrabieMultiscale characterization of undercoat alteration using active infrared thermography Characterization of engineered surfaces
147A. Kanjer, Z. Wu, P. Berger, V. Optasanu, S. Dejardin, M.C. Marco de Lucas, M. François, T. Montesin, L. LavisseRetarding the high temperature oxidation of Titanium by shot-peening surface treatmentShot peening and mechanical treatments
97F. Caiazzo; V. Alfieri; G. Corrado;P.Argenio;V.SergiLaser surface modification by means of scanning optics on stainless steel molds for investment castingLaser beam surface modification
107Haifeng Zhang, Liang Yin, Bingjie Jin, Ruimin Zhang, Xiaowei LiuFabrication and drag reduction of superhydrophobic surface on steel substrates using hydrothermal synthesisMultifunctional coatings surfaces
63U. Oberste-Lehn, A. KarlThermal Stability of Low Temperature Surface Hardened Stainless SteelThermochemical surface engineering
267S. Buhl; K. Schmidt; P. Breuninger; S. Ripperger; S. AntonyukStructuring of Metallic Surfaces by Cold-Sprayed TiO2 Microparticles to Improve Friction BehaviorCold and thermal spray
252W.Tillmann, L.Hagen, D.Kokalj, M.Paulus, M.TolanInfluence of high-temperature oxide formation on the tribological behavior of Fe-V arc sprayed coatingsTribological coatings
318M.Gholamia, I. Altenbergerb, H. A. Kuhnb, M. Wollmanna, L. WagneraEffect of Shot Peening on Fatigue Performance of Ultrafine-grained CuNi3Si1Mg AlloyCharacterization of engineered surfaces
234Jochen P. Fuhr (1), Manfred Wollmann (2), Lothar Wagner (2) - (1) Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies, 58739 Wickede, Germany (2) Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, TU Clausthal, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, GermanyCoverage and Peening Angle Effects in Shot Peening on HCF Performance of Ti-6Al-4VShot peening and mechanical treatments
56M. Schneider1, K. Kremmer1, S.K. Weidmann2, W. Fürbeth2Particle reinforced open porous anodizing layers on AA5005Novel surface modification techniques
236Ji Hwan Kim; Jong-Hyun LeeEffects of Different Additives on Microstructure and Electrical Conductivity of Ag-coated Cu Flakes in Electroless Ag PlatingElectro-and electro less plating
82Zhengjie Fan; Kedian Wang; Xia Dong*; Rujia Wang; Wenqiang Duan; Xuesong Mei; Wenjun Wang; Shuai ZhangEffect of ultrasonic vibration on microstructure and corrosion resistance of laser re-melted thermal barrier coatingsLaser beam surface modification
326N.I.Khan, S.Halder, MS GoyatEffect of emulsifier on the properties of capsules for fabricating healing enabled next generation adhesive jointsShot peening and mechanical treatments
327Fei Yin, Milan Rakita, Qingyou HanOverview of Ultrasonic Shot PeeningShot peening and mechanical treatments
176G. Maistro; S.A. Pérez-Garcia; L. Nyborg; Y.CaoThermal decomposition of nitrogen expanded austenite in 304L and 904L austenitic stainless steelsCharacterization of engineered surfaces
117Rujia Wang, Xia Dong*, Zhengjie Fan, Kedian Wang, Wenqiang Duan, Xuesong Mei, Wenjun Wang, Jianlei CuiEffect of laser remelting assisted with induction preheating on microstructure and thermal shock resistance of laser remelted TBCsLaser beam surface modification
309R.Jagdheesh*, Marcos Diaz and J.L. OcañaRobust transformation of wetting properties of metallic surface by ns laserHydro-/ice- and oleo phobic/philic
64M. Weiser; C. Schulze; A. Meyer; A. Potthoff; M. SchneiderCharacterization of the electrolytic deposition of particle reinforced metal layers by electrochemical quartz crystal micro balance Electro-and electro less plating
85E. Auerswald, D. Vogel, B. Michel, S. RzepkaLocal measurement of residual stresses in thin layers with and without stress gradientsResidual stresses
190M.J. Rathod and P.G. RanawareCombine Effect of Shot Peening, Subcritical Austenitic Nitriding and Cryo-treatment on Surface Modification of AISI 4140 SteelShot peening and mechanical treatments
289Michael Klumpp; Giulia Baracchini; Martin Siebert; Seungcheol Lee; Roland DittmeyerHighly active catalytic wall coatings in the channels of microstructured reactors for process intensificationFunctional coatings
201T. Tański; W. Matysiak; Ł. Krzemiński; P. Jarka; M. BilewiczAnalysis of the morphology, structure and optical properties of SiO2 nanowires obtained by the electrospinning methodFunctional coatings
297C.Chemelli, L. De Maria, S.Marchionna, G.PirovanoOptical and electrical properties of transparent conductive ultrathin films for electric grid O&M applicationsThin film by PVD, CVD, and ALD
307S. M. Yunus, *M. J. Ghazali, A. A. Pauzi, W. F. H. W. ZamriComparative wear characteristics of chromium-carbide and chromium-cobalt coatings for combustor linersFunctional coatings
118Jiamu Cao;Jing Zhou;Yufeng Zhang;Xiaowei LiuMicrowave-Assisted Synthesis of rGO Surface Supported MoS2 Catalyst for Hydrogen Evolution ReactionThermochemical surface engineering
122T.LuxbacherZeta potential analysis of functionalized surfacesCharacterization of engineered surfaces
156A.Zammit, M.Bonnici, M.Mhaede, R.Wan, L.WagnerThe effect of Shot Peening on Austempered Ductile Iron GearsShot peening and mechanical treatments
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333Ahlem TALEB, MamounFELLEH, Mohamed LABAIZ, Amina. GRAIRIA, A. IOST.TRIBOLOGICAL BEHAVOUR OF HOT DIP GALVANIZED STEELCharacterization of engineered surfaces
74M. Benedetti; V. Fontanari; M. Allahkarami, J.C. Hanan, M. Bandini An area method to incorporate roughness and residual stress effects on plain and notch fatigue behavior of shot peened aluminum alloysShot peening and mechanical treatments
77T.Vasilieva; D.Chuhchin; D.Kosyakov; N.Uluanovskii; A.Ladesov; A.Sigarev; A.M.Hein; V.MiasnikovNon-equilibrium low-temperature plasmas – novel technique for surface modification of polysaccharide materials Novel surface modification techniques
120Liang Yin, Haifeng Zhang, Rui Weng, Ruimin Zhang, Xiaowei LiuDesign and characterization of MEMS rotational gyroscope with superoleophobic surfacesFunctional coatings
339D. Závodská; E. Tillová; M. Guagliano; L. Hurtalová; M. Chalupová; J. LagoFatigue resistance of self-hardening AlZn10Si8Mg alloysCharacterization of engineered surfaces
168C. Rotty; M.-L. Doche; A. Mandroyan; J.-Y. Hihn; G. MontavonElectropolishing of Thermal Spray Coating and Laser Additive Manufacturing of 316L Stainless Steel in strong acidic mediaNovel surface modification techniques
166C. Rotty; M.-L. Doche; A. Mandroyan; S. Monney; S. Lallemand; J.-Y. HihnRoughness characterization procedures for electropolished brassCharacterization of engineered surfaces
248T.E. Abioye; A. Medrano-Tellez; P.K. Farayibi; P.K. Oke; An investigation into mechanical properties of laser fabricated 308LSi stainless steel walls by wire feedstockAdditive manufacturing surfaces
167D. Caliari; G. TimelliMicrostructural and mechanical investigations of nitrocarburized 16MnCr5 steels at different work-hardening conditions Thermochemical surface engineering
101A.H. Mahmoudi; F. Salahi; A. GhasemiA comparison between residual stresses induced by water jet peening and shot peening for surface modificationShot peening and mechanical treatments
182Koichiro NAMBU, Koki MONDA, Kazutoshi INAGAKI, Yuto MAEYAMA, Shoichi KIKUCHIEffect of hardness ratio on the behavior of plastic deformation in various metallic materials treated with fine particle peeningShot peening and mechanical treatments
99Paolo Gronchi1*, Roberto Canziani2, Andrea Brenna1, Simone Visigalli1, Carles Colominas3, Francesc Montalà3, Victor Kot3, Aristide Stradi4, Giancarlo Ferrari4, Vincenzo Scilingo4, Vanni Belleli4, Cristina Diaz5, Gonzalo Garcia Fuentes5Evaluation of electrode surface treatments in sludge electro-osmosis dewateringElectric and photovoltaic coatings Magnetic coatings
100Amani Ponzoni 1, Sara Ottoboni 2, Manfredo Guilizzoni 3, Maurizio Zani 4, Paolo Gronchi 2*Properties of steel surfaces coated with organic molecules.Hydro-/ice- and oleo phobic/philic
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287M. Paczkowska, Ł. Wojciechowski, B. FirlikAnalysis of plastic deformation processes in the surface layer of trams’ wheelsSevere plastic deformation processes
288M. PaczkowskaEvaluation of the possibilities of the cobalt implementation by laser remelting into nodular iron surface layer Laser beam surface modification
141C. Jeong; H. Kim; J. Park; M. Lee; Y. JeonFEM Simulation and Experimental Validation of Residual Stress on Surface by Micro Forging Processes.Residual stresses
220A. Tricoteaux; K. Hermange; C. Nivot; A. Leriche; M. Touzin; F.BéclinMechanical properties of an alumina sol gel composite on a stainless steelSol-gel surface coatings
103Ana C. Marques, Mónica Loureiro, João C. BordadoAmino surface functionalized microcapsules as sustainable curing agents for polyurethane commercial foamsSol-gel surface coatings
171Marie-Laure Doche1, Audrey Mandroyan1, Mahmoud Mourad-Mahmoud2, Jean-Yves Hihn1 A sonochemical process for copper leaching and electrochemical re-deposition in a DES solventElectro-and electro less plating
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264J.Kotlan; R.Musalek; J.Medricky; T.Tesar; F.Lukac; T.ChraskaSuspension Plasma Spraying of YAG Using WSP®H - High Enthalpic Plasma TorchCold and thermal spray
215O. Tkachuk, R. Proskurnyak, I. PohrelyukThermodiffusion oxynitriding of implants from Ti-6Al-4V alloyThermochemical surface engineering
119L.SkowronskiFabrication and characterization of TiO2/Ti-based decorative coatings produced in the industrial scale using the magnetron sputtering technique Functional coatings
310L. Ruiz de Lara, R. Jagdheesh* and J.L. OcañaCorrosion behaviour in superhydrophobic aluminum surfacesHydro-/ice- and oleo phobic/philic
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209T.Tański; Ł.Krzemiński; B.Tomiczek; M.StaszukStructure and properties of biomorphic Al/C/TiO/TiC composite materials reinforced with biocarbon coated in ALD and sol-gel process.Sol-gel surface coatings
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95G. Mauer; L. Du; R. VaßenAtmospheric Plasma Spraying of Single Phase Lanthanum Zirconate Thermal Barrier Coatings with Optimized PorosityCold and thermal spray
207R. Kromer, E.Aubignat, Y. Danlos, S. Costil, R.N. Raoelison, C. Verdy, H. LiaoDeposition characteristics of metallic particles on different classes of substrates using laser surface texturing for cold spraying processCold and thermal spray
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80Dongxing Qin;Tao Gao;Haijun Wang, Xiaoguo Peng, Shuqin ZhengEffect of process parameters on energy consumption in radial-axial ring rolling processSevere plastic deformation processes
216S. Baragetti, R. Gerosa, F. VillaPVD DLC coatings for corrosion protection on a 7075-T6 substrate at long and short fatigue livesThin film by PVD, CVD, and ALD
155C. Calcagno; G. Delogu; A. ZerahInfluence of the shot peening parameters on microstructure in Renè80 Nickel-based superalloys.Shot peening and mechanical treatments
69A.S.Khanna, Narayan Raj & Vikram SinghCool Roof Coatings – a concept to reduce electricity consumption & help to reduce Global WarmingFunctional coatings
194Hanearl Jung; Satoko Gatineau; Jin-Seong Park; Hyungjun KimGrowth Behaviors and Electrical Properties of High-k Films by using Pulsed PE-CVD and PE-ALDThin film by PVD, CVD, and ALD
71Véronique Vitry; Luiza Bonin; Fabienne DelaunoisInfluence of the anionic part of the stabilizer on electroless nickel-boron platingElectro-and electro less plating
314N. Bosh1,2, H. Mozaffari-Jovein1, H. Reinecke2 1.Hochschule Furtwangen (Campus Tuttlingen), 2.Universität Freiburg - IMTEK Optimization of Graded Plasma Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Coatings on Titanium and Their Mechanical PropertiesCold and thermal spray
240F. Nasirpouri, M. R. Sanaeian , E.V. Sukovatitsina, A.V. Ognev, A.S.SamardakMorphology, microstructure, and texture of pulse-electrodeposited Ni nanocrystalline filmsElectro-and electro less plating
268E.Marin, A.Lanzutti, L.FedrizziImproving metal corrosion resistance by Atomic Layer DepositionNovel surface modification techniques
96V. Fitseva; S. Hanke; J.F. dos SantosInfluence of rotational speed on process characteristics, material flow and microstructure evolution in Friction Surfacing of Ti-6Al-4VOther
146S. Hanke; I. Sena; R.S. Coelho; J.F. dos SantosMicrostructural Features of Dynamic Recrystallization in Alloy 625 Friction Surfacing CoatingsSevere plastic deformation processes
197K.L. Tan, S.H. Yeo and G.L. HowSurface roughness improvement of wire electrical discharge machined (WEDM) samples using non-contact ultrasonic abrasive machiningNovel surface modification techniques
259S. Bistac, M. BroglySliding friction of model elastomer against hydrophobic and hydrophilic substrates Tribological coatings
179Jian Song*, Haomiao Yuan, Christian Koch, Eugen Silbernagel, Vitali SchinowTribological properties and fretting performance of gold, silver and tin coatingsTribological coatings
102M. Liberini; A. El Hassanin; G. De Falco; M. Commodo; A. D'Anna; A. Squillace; L. CarrinoProperties and characteristics of nano-TiO2 coatings produced by a dynamic system through the spray flame synthesisFunctional coatings
226T. Tański, P. Snopiński, W. BorekMicrostructure evolution of the heat treated AlMg3 aluminium alloy subjected to the equal channel angular pressing processSevere plastic deformation processes
186B. Antoszewski, M. Scendo, J. TrelaCorrosion Properties of DLC Coating on Steel in Ringer SolutionWear protection
89M. Scendo, K. Staszewska, B. AntoszewskiCorrosion Protection of DLC Coating on Steel SurfaceWear protection
266M. Brogly; E. Privas; S. BistacSurface and friction properties of anti-sticky perfluorinated functional coatingsFunctional coatings
79S.H. Yeo ; A.S. Adnan ; J.H. KoExperimental Investigation and Modeling of Surface Deformation in Backside Patterning of Surface TextureNovel surface modification techniques
316webmasterWebmaster new function presentationOther
313webmasterwebmaster 1Additive manufacturing surfaces
54P. A. Márquez Aguilar, M. Vlasova, A. Escobar Martinez, M. KakazeyLASER SURFACE MODIFICATION OF YAG CERAMICSLaser beam surface modification
75Mahdie Parvizian ; Fariba Rahimi-Ashtari; Amir GoodarziThe effect of radio-frequency sputtering power onthe structural properties of Chromium thin filmsThin film by PVD, CVD, and ALD
52aaaaaaaaaaAdditive manufacturing surfaces


The National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology (INSTM) supports 3 awards (€ 200.00 each) for the best presentations (oral/poster) by PhD students, intended as the first author of the paper presented.

Plenary lectures

Prof. S.A. Meguid

(University of Toronto, Canada)



"Multifunctional Nano-Reinforced Coatings for Aerospace Applications”

Prof. K. Lu

(Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)



"Gradient nanostructures in metals induced by surface mechanical treatments”

 Prof. J.T.M. De Hosson

(University of Groningen, Netherlands)

Jeff De Hosson


"Protective coatings on elastomers: a critical review"




Prof. Patrik Schmuki

(Friedrich-Alexander University)



"Self-organizing anodic TiO2 nanotube coatings: Formation, Properties, Applications"



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